Read what our clients say

At ABLE we are proud of our people and our product. But what really make us happy is seeing our customers benefit.
Below are some testimonials from our clients:

Australian Pacific Touring Group

I would like to thank you and your staff for all your assistance that you have provided this year.
You and your team have always been there to help out when it has been required. This has been greatly appreciated by myself and I know others as well, within the APT Group.

Your team at ABLE Bus and Coach, has made my life this year at Connections Safaris, so much easier by being so professional in your approach. You would be pleased to know, that the staff that you dealt with at MVR here in Darwin also passed comment on this as well. To have a Government body pass comment, is testament to the professionalism that you strive for.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and the staff at ABLE Bus and Coach. I look forward to working with you next year in 2009.

James Usher
Fleet Manager


The buses are perfect for a contract miner that moves personnel to and around the minesite. The safety features and stability are particularly appealing and the vehicles’ ground clearance makes them ideal for driving in and out of pits and accessing haul roads washed out with water.

Mitch Wallace
Plant Manager


We were impressed with the 4WD buses because the smaller coasters we had on site just weren’t up to it; we trialled 2WD and 4×4 coasters and they weren’t truly ‘4WD’ vehicles. Damage to coasters – due to their lower ground clearance – and the downtime for repairs were an ongoing issue. It’s good to finally have a vehicle that we can move our people around and not have any major issues.

There’s more room in the ABLE Bus & Coaches: proper coach seats and seat belts. There’s more leg room in general, but also more headroom.

Having separate air-conditioning systems for the cab and cabin is another good feature. The cabin air conditioning system is also up high and out of harm’s way – unlike air-conditioning units in the coasters that are down low and susceptible to damage.

Rick Barbeler
HSE Mining production manager at BMA’s Saraji Minesite and former pre-strip superintendent with BMA

Maintenance Superintendent

The bus is not over-engineered. Its simple built-for-purpose design means it gets the job done without overselling itself. For safety compliance, the buses meet strength and design requirements. All the engineering tests are validated. It especially met the Australian design standards. The reputation of the product for safety is excellent.

Peter Rogers
Maintenance Superintendent

Transfield Services

We were first introduced to Able through Isuzu Aust as we were having issue’s with another supplier and the Gross Vehicle Mass [GVM] capacity of the their competitors. The experience dealing with them has been remarkable, they do what they say they will do which is far above what we get from other suppliers. The bus acquired provides comfort while meeting all our operational requirements, GVM capacity, safety and ground clearance.

The people at ABLE Bus and Coach are professional to deal with, do what they say they will do and have a great name in the market. I rate them very high from their service through to their management team.

Michael Bourke
General Manager | Assets, Fleet & Equipment, Group Procurement